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360° OmniVue | blind spot camera system for trucks and construction vehicles

360° OmniVue is a camera system for lorries, buses and other vehicles. The system gives the driver a bird’s eye view of the vehicle and the surroundings on a monitor in the cabin. Thanks to this overview, there are no more blind spots around the vehicle.

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Why 360° OmniVue?

  • Bird’s eye view of the vehicle and surroundings
  • No more blind spots around the vehicle
  • Less risk of damage and accidents
  • Contributes to CSR objectives




Road Sweeper



Fire Truck

Wheel Loader

Garbage Truck

360° OmniVue is comprised of the following parts


360° OmniVue has a 7” LCD monitor as standard This monitor shows on the left-hand side the view from above the vehicle and the surroundings, and on the right-hand side the image from one of the cameras. This is controlled by triggers. Would you prefer to install a monitor, or 360° OmniVue on your existing equipment? Ask us about the options.

Four blind-spot cameras

A camera with a 180º view is fitted on each side of the vehicle. The field of vision of these cameras encompass a wide angle next to the vehicle. As standard, the image from the front camera is shown on the monitor, but by turning left or right or reversing, the image from one of the other cameras is shown.


The ECU-box is where the magic happens. Here, the four images of the separate cameras are combined into one bird’s eye view showing all the camera images stitched together. This is the image that can be seen on the left of the monitor.

Complementary accessories

Check the images later

The DR-400 digital recorder saves the images from the four cameras so that these can be viewed again later. This can be used for example to check the details of an accident or to investigate a (false) damage claim.


Do you also want to reduce the risk of damage and accidents and at the same time save costs?

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