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Forklift access control | Sylogi Access

With Sylogi Access, only chauffeurs with the right permit or certificate may unlock and work with a particular vehicle. As a result, unqualified people are prevented from driving a vehicle, reducing the chance of accidents and damage.

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Why Sylogi Access?

  • A forklift truck for each chauffeur
  • No unauthorised people can drive the vehicle
  • More sense of responsibility
  • Less damage and accidents



Forklift Truck

Sylogi Access is comprised of

Control unit

This unit is fitted on the forklift and controls whether the person who wishes to drive the vehicle is authorised to do so. The chauffeur can unlock the vehicle with a pass or RFID badge.

Complementary accessories

Data on the use of the forklift truck

Combine Sylogi Access with the Sylogi Impact shock sensor and get data on collisions and impacts that the vehicle has suffered. That ensures that maintenance can be programmed on time, preventing unexpected failures. By combining these two products, the chauffeur who acts responsibly with his/her vehicle is rewarded, and driving behaviour can be evaluated.


Do you also want to prevent unauthorised people from being able to drive a vehicle?

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