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Detection of obstacles and people | Sylogi Alert

Sylogi Alert alerts the driver of a vehicle or machine of the presence of a person or obstacle as soon as the sensors detect something or someone. Because Sylogi Alert sends audible and visual signals, chauffeurs and drivers can fully concentrate on their work.

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Why Sylogi Alert?

  • Detects obstacles and people
  • Ideal for small and large vehicles
  • Suitable for use in open areas such as ports or public roads
  • Audible and visible warning signals for operators





Road Sweeper


Dump Truck

Combine Harvester

Skid-steer loader

Wheel Loader

Garbage Truck

Sylogi Alert is comprised of the following components

Radar sensor

One or more sensors continuously scan the surroundings for obstacles and people. The number of sensors fitted depends on the vehicle. The radar range such as the spot or distance is configured based on the type of vehicle.

Alarm display

The unit installed in the vehicle’s cabin or the machine. As soon as the radar sensors detect a tag, the alarm display warns the chauffeur or driver of this through audible and visual signals. Three LEDs show how much an obstacle has been distanced from the vehicle.

Complementary accessories

View of blind spots

By using Sylogi Alert in combination with a camera system, the driver immediately sees what the sensors detect and what the distance to that object is. Then the chauffeur or driver can properly manoeuvre without touching an obstacle or person.


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