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Forklift impact sensor | Sylogi Impact

Spot wear-and-tear to parts before it’s too late and prevent unexpected failures of vehicles with Sylogi Impact. This sensor registers the impacts and collisions that a vehicle has undergone. The system can also act by putting the vehicle to a stop after a major impact.

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Why Sylogi Impact?

  • Prevent forklift failures
  • No unexpected failure of the vehicle
  • Data on wear-and-tear of parts
  • Evaluate the chauffeur’s driving behaviour



Forklift Truck

Sylogi Impact is comprised of the following components

Impact sensor

This sensor registers impacts and collisions that a vehicle has undergone. Three different thresholds can be configured to differentiate between levels of impact. This can for example be sudden starts or braking, driving over uneven surfaces or a collision.


The measurements from the impact sensor can be read with the accompanying software. Based on this information, you can view whether a forklift needs to be repaired, for example because there is too much wear-and-tear as a result of impacts and collisions.

Complementary accessories

Evaluate and reward driving behaviour

Link Sylogi Impact with the Sylogi Access access control system and evaluate chauffeur driving behaviour. By using these two products together, chauffeurs who drive without damaging the vehicle are rewarded for this. A perfect way to encourage the correct behaviour!


Do you also want to find out about damage to vehicles before it’s too late?

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