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Sylogi Sector adjusts the speed limit of forklift trucks to make the warehouse safer and reduce the chance of damage. This speed zoning system automatically toggles between the high and low speed of the vehicle as it enters or exits a particular sector.

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Why automatically reduce the speed?

  • A safe working environment
  • Less damage and accidents
  • Independent of make and type
  • No loss of productivity



Forklift Truck

Speed zoning for each warehouse


A sensor on top of the forklift “sees” whether a vehicle is passing under a roof. Based on that information, the system toggles between the forklift’s high or low speed. Ideal for when there needs to be a slow speed in a warehouse everywhere.

Entrance or door

In this version of speed zoning, a receiver on top of the forklift registers signals from a sender fitted higher up, on an entrance or door. The system adjusts the speed based on that signal. The ideal version for adjusting the speed per room in large halls.

Danger zone

With this version of the system, the speed of the forklifts is reduced in a particular zone around an object. As soon as a forklift enters the pre-defined danger zone, the system starts to work. Ideal for speed reduction in dangerous points, such as a crossroad with poor visibility.


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