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Hour meter and vehicle management | Sylogi Sync

Data on the vehicle can be viewed, always and everywhere with Sylogi Sync. This system registers the number of hours that a vehicle is in operation and the distance that it covers. The data can be read remotely and this reading forms the basis for scheduling maintenance on-time or for planning invoicing for rental companies.

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Why Sylogi Sync?

  • Visible vehicle data
  • Prevent forklift failures
  • Plan maintenance before it’s too late
  • Read data remotely



Forklift Truck

Sylogi Sync is comprised of the following components

Registration unit

This unit records how much time a forklift has been in use and when it went through its maintenance for the last time. The information can be viewed at all times with the associated software.


Read the data that Sylogi Sync records using the associated software. In this way you can see how long a vehicle has already been operating. Based on these data you can plan your maintenance, or draw up your invoices if you are a rental company. Because all data can be read remotely, the vehicle does not need to be stationary for this.


Do you also want to view your vehicle data and prevent faults?

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